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Psalm Project

This project provides musical settings of all the psalm responses and verses that are used in the masses for Sundays, weekdays, and all ritual masses. Each psalm has a set of responses that are used for various days, feasts, and rites throughout the liturgical year. All of the responses are metrical and are all melodically and harmonically related so that a common tone for the verses may be used by all of the responses. The music minister simply would need to select the appropriate response and verses for the liturgy that is at hand. The translation of the psalms is the approved translation of the International Commission on English in the Liturgy (ICEL). The psalms can be sung chorally with or without accompaniment or can be sung by a cantor and organist.

Et Alius Angelus

Et alius angelus is a festive setting of one of the antiphons for the Rite of Dedication of an Altar. This setting was commissioned for the use at Saint Mary of the Annunciation Catholic Church in Bristol, Indiana. The piece is for SAB choir, treble choir, and organ. Recording to come.


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